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New Protective Device Puts YOU In Charge!

Created by martial arts legend and icon, Grandmaster Andrew S. Linick, (From the Modern Self-Defense Art of Cobra Chaku.™)

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At last, the ultimate device for personal protection and self-defense. Can be worn openly…partially hidden…or carried in a pocket, My Pocket Bodyguard™ places the odds DEFINITELY IN YOUR FAVOR.

Why be a victim when there is an instant pocket bodyguard offering you 24/7 super protection that fits in your purse, pockets and glove compartment?

Any Attack On You Becomes
A Coward’s Worst Nightmare!

Suddenly unleashed from any hiding place, this device can reach 4 feet long and the virtual “sling of steel” can strike down a would-be attacker with the force of a deadly cobra. So impressive, many leaders in martial arts consider this ingenious object.

“My Pocket Bodyguard™ is one of the most effective breakthroughs in personal self protection in years.”Master Ross Greenberg, 5th Dan

And why not?

It was designed and tested by one of the true greats in martial arts, Grand Master Andrew S. Linick, Hanshi, 10th Dan. He’s the Publisher of, an American Karate Pioneer & Legend since 1958 and currently the U.S. Ambassador of Karate.™

There are fewer people in the world who know how to put any attacker out of commission faster.

But Why Is My Pocket Bodyguard™
So Instantaneously Effective?

Because it uses proven scientific principles to maximize its basic potency. These include laws of motion, resistance, body dynamics, and gravity. All marvelously brought together into a state-of-the-art device that can render virtually any attacker helpless using a SURPRISE HIT regardless of size or strength —all from up to 4 feet away!!

Requires No Special Training.
And No Martial Arts Experience!

In fact, it is so easy to use, that within 15 minutes of its arrival you will be able to learn the 5 Most Effective Ways to Protect Yourself and loved ones! It’s that simple! Best of all, anyone in your household can learn to use it fast!

Also important, is that unlike a gun or a knife, My Pocket Bodyguard™ is 100% legal. No license needed to carry it wherever you go.

As a result, demand for this “retaliatory equalizer” is growing fast. Particularly, from unarmed community protection and security groups who perceive its value as a possible legal defense device.

They are impressed with its mere “snap of the wrist” potential power to take down any mugger, bully, rapist, terrorist or random maniac. They also recognize (as you will)…

That My Pocket Bodyguard™ is custom
built by hand with strict attention to the
highest quality & detailed craftsmanship!

For example, it utilizes 550 lb. test super-strong, glow-in-the dark para cord that lasts for years, two non-slip maxi-hard steel tube hand grips knotted on both ends of the device for close and distance combat, a special alloy carabiner that is rustproof, and triple cord covered heavy duty polished steel life-saving Chaku balls at its end to assure a powerful blow that will be felt even through thick clothing including a leather jacket!


“Thank you for sending me a test version of your product. There have been two muggings here on campus. I now feel 100% safer. By the way, my roommate wants to order one.”Alex, student at a upstate NY college
“I am a nurse. Every night when I leave the hospital I have to walk 100 yards to the parking lot. Knowing that your device is in a ‘ready’ position, I feel I can put down any attacker. The genius who created it deserves some kind of award.”Marge, Nurse at Patterson Hospital
“Since you donated ‘My Pocket Bodyguard’ security device to members of my senior center, they have been distributed and are winning praise left and right. One senior used it the other night to disable an attacker. Police arrived to find him still on the ground doubled up in pain. Not enough words to thank you.” Belle, Director of Ohio Senior Center.

Amazing No Risk 90-day
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When it arrives, we urge you to test My Pocket Bodyguard™ against all man-sized hard objects – heavy or slight, standing or moving. There is nothing to go wrong or wear out!

My Pocket Bodyguard™, is truly a comforting friend who gives you a great sense of security. You really don’t want to let another day pass without carrying this amazing device in your pocket, around your neck, shoulder, in your pocketbook, in your car and by your bedside.

Send for yours right now and feel more confident, more secure and instantly safe no matter where you travel.

We GUARANTEE You Will Be Impressed!

You absolutely must find it amazingly fast to access, easy to wield, and be awed by its explosive striking power. If not, return it within 90-days for an immediate, no questions asked 100% refund (less P/H) of its Special introductory price of $49.95 (Plus $9.95 for two-day priority mail S&H). Blue Training Para Cord-Covered Plastic Ball is an extra $6.95.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Connector.

    My Pocket Bodyguard ™ device.

    Two feet of Glow-In-The Dark 550lb. Para Cord Lock, Two Stainless Steel Tubular Non-Slip Handles Double Knotted at both ends, Alloy Carabiner and attached Circle Ring to hold three Life-Saving Cord-Covered Steel Chaku Balls. (Retail Price: $49.95 + $9.95 for two-day priority mail S/H)

  • Connector.


    A Secret Password to view the easy how-to instructional video – The 5 Most Effective Ways To Protect Yourself, which contains Bonus moves to add to the potency of My Pocket Bodyguard™ Defense Method. (Retail Price: $29.95)

  • Connector.


    Two 11″X17″ POSTERS of Vital Nerve Centers And Pressure Points (Front and Back) Of The Human Body. (Retail Price: $20.00)

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